Privacy Policy

Aroma Matters cares about its clients and hence has come up with highly effective privacy policy. This policy shows the details about using the data of your access to our services and websites and your interaction with us. Whenever we update the policy, we include the date of update on the same page of the privacy policy and if the update or modification requires your consent, we are bound to obtain it by law.

To Protect Your Privacy

  • Aroma Matters takes precautions so that the prevention of misuse of or unauthorized access to your data becomes possible.
  • In Aroma Matters, we never share your data and other information for our marketing purposes with any other third party.
  • We discourage and do not use any tracking devices
  • We are not engaged in the sector of affiliate marketing and are prohibiting it on Aroma Matters.
  • If you are directed to third party websites, kindly review their privacy policies.
  • Other than what our users post as classifieds, we do not involve in running ads.
  • We never engage in link-referral or cross-marketing programs.
  • We are obliged not to send you any unsolicited communication for our marketing purposes.
  • In order to reduce the number of unwanted emails, we provide email proxy and relay services.

The Data that We Collect, Use and Disclose

Aroma Matters does not sell or rent your data and other personal information to any third party. Kindly be informed that disclosure to “Payment processors” is applicable for the times when you use a credit card to pay. However, some or all data regarding your personal information may be shared by us in some conditions as mentioned below:

  • To respond to search warrants, court orders, subpoenas, or other processes related to a legal matter.
  • If you authorize us or give consent to share information with the other users
  • For protecting the property, rights, safety of our users, our site, and so on.
  • In case of connection with bankruptcy, merger, or transfer/sale of assets.

Data that we store

Aroma Matters retains information that is needed to personalize your usage of our site and to facilitate it. We also do that to combat abuse/fraud and/or if the law requires it.

We make efforts in good faith regarding storing data but cannot guaranty all the way.

You can have access to your certain data via account login. In case of updating your data, you can do that too from the account login.

International Data Transfers

In some cases, we need to transfer your data to international recipients. The outsider country may have some difference in the policy of data protection than those of your country. At the time of transferring your personal data to recipients as such, we come up with proper safeguards.

Storage Period and Erasure

We and our service providers store your personal information according to the laws applicable to data protection. We do this to the necessary extent. Subsequently, we delete your information according to our policy regarding data retention and deletion. We do not do any different unless there is any obligation for keeping your personal information for a longer period (for example, for tax, legal compliance, auditing, or accounting purposes). We tend to restrict your data processing rather than deleting it, as far it is permissible legally.

Your Rights as a Data Subject

Subject to certain limitations under national legislation, as a data subject, you have the rights to access, amend, erasure, limit processing, and portability of your personal data. Moreover, you may withhold your consent regarding that and object to our use of your data based on our valid interests. You can submit a complaint to a supervisory authority too.

Data security

We secure your personal information by technological and operational protection interventions to reduce the chances of data leakage, unauthorized access, misuse, and unwanted exposure and modification. For this function, we use data protection and firewalls, for example, as well as physical access limits for our data centers and network access authorization controls.


If you have any concerns or questions regarding Aroma Matters’ privacy policy and its practices, kindly email us at