New makeup trends to try

New makeup trends to try

If you’re like me you sometimes feel stuck when it comes to your skincare routine and shopping for skincare. Even as a professional (skin care) professional who has her own practice, I struggle to put together an effective and affordable skincare routine that suits my personal skin type.

As a beginner beauty blogger, this is something I’ve never really had to do until now! I’ve always been able to rely on professional skincare to do my makeup and eyebrow for me. But when it came to skin care, I was always left to fend for myself.

The thing is, you shouldn’t have to go searching for every possible skincare product to find that holy grail product that suits your skin type and help you look your best and perform better. You shouldn’t have to spend hours online scouring every blog and forum, sifting through endless reviews and studies, trying to get the answers to all your questions.

You shouldn’t have to rely on salespeople to tell you if the product is right for you.

So, can I tell you what to buy from Darma? 

We can’t.

I think many of us have had moments of panic thinking about a post we wanted to write, only to find we really can’t. I’ve written a few posts here and there about skincare and my personal experience, but honestly, what I really wanted to do was just write for a bit, go through my collection of skincare essentials and show you my routine.

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a full-on beauty addict, and I often find myself lying awake late into the night dreaming of the next product, wondering whether or not I could be any more creative in my obsessions.

I’m all for ridiculous makeup or the next fashion trend, but I have no desire to move on to one of my skincare addictions. We’re quickly approaching the end of the year, and I’m grateful I found this post! My fear of overindulging in beauty was pushing me to do a post on my skincare and makeup products. 

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